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In my early 20's I made a personal lifestyle change. I made the decision to become more physically active and more health conscious, especially so when it came to the foods in my daily diet.

Throughout these years of working out and eating healthy, I started to become more adventurous in my meal planning. This is when I started to introduce sweet potato into my weekly meals, cooking it different ways.

Experimenting one weekend with this vegetable lead me in creating a delicious sweet potato pizza base as a healthier substitute for a 'cheat' meal.

The dream for us here at The Sweet Potato Pizza Company is to become a staple presence within the frozen pizza industry. We want to introduce a pizza that people can include in their weekly meal plan, and not just be a treat meal at the end of the week. By introducing this nutritious pizza we want to make another forward step in the frozen food revolution. Enjoy!

Craig Grattan

Owner - The Sweet Potato Pizza Company





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